The solution

The design of a solution of the problems of Global Warming and Climate Change is built upon satisfaction of the conditions and requirements outlined in the descriptions in the preceding links of this 2012 update of the Super Climate Solution website.

The prime goal of the design of the solution is to technically efficiently and economically competitively address the main challenges in the task of restoring the Global Warming – Climate Change complex to a desirable “normal state”.

Some features of the solution:

  1. Reduce/Remove emissions to the atmosphere of the four major greenhouse gases: H2O, CO2, CH4 and N2O.
  2. High energy efficiency.
  3. Works well with nature and established structures and processes.
  4. Protection of the environment.
  5. Cost effectiveness.
  6. Commercially competitive and viable.
  7. Creation of jobs.
  8. Saving deposits of fossil fuels from exploitation.
  9. Potential of the restoration of the Earth´s climate.
  10. Innovative.

Since the average global temperature increase during the last 30 years has been around 0.2 degrees centigrade per decade – although with some variations from year to year - it is becoming very late now to start to act if we will be able to meet the required goal of a maximum tolerable global temperature increase of 2 degrees centigrade.

An action plan is required!